Monday, November 21, 2005

Kufiyaspotting #6: Josephine Meckseper at Galerie Reinhard Hauff

Here's another piece by Josephine Meckseper, from an exhibit entitled, "IG-Metall und die künstlichen Paradiese des Politischen," at Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart, April 24-June 5, 2004. Again, the kufiya, red this time, appears twice. On the left are two figures who appear to be doing the Muslim prayers, using the kufiya as a prayer rug. A strip of red kufiya material separates the praying figures from the lower half of the body of a glamorous model, clad in fashionable slacks and red high heels. On both sides of the kufiya strip, the figures are depicted in prostrated and worshipful positions.


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John Schaefer said...

Hey, all this kufiyya-spotting reminds me that I saw one on E-Ring a few weeks ago: This was the episode in which Benjamin Bratt goes to Iraq and crosses over to Iran. The leader of the Marines he was meeting with (on the border) was wearing a kufiyya around his neck.