Friday, June 17, 2022

Soviet Aswan Dam poster

"Aswan Dam. We are loyal to our friends and always help them in a brotherly unmercenary way." Soviet poster, 1970s. Source here.

The effect of the Aswan Dam on Nubians, one elderly Nubian told me in the late 90s: "Have you heard of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima? The Aswan Dam was our Hiroshima bomb."

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Chile kufiyas, the estallido social (social explosion) of 2019

From the New Yorker, June 13, 2022, an article on Chile's new leftist president, Gabriel Boric. Read it here.

January 6 kufiya

 The last video shown yesterday (June 13) at the House January 6 hearings featured several insurrectionists explaining that they were present at the Capitol that day because Trump had called them to it. I think this is the last of the insurrectionists interviewed. I noticed that he was wearing a kufiya, but didn't manage to get my camera out in time to take a picture. Luckily my very alert friend Tim did, and he sent this photo to me.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

kufiyas and tarbushes in the 1936-39 revolt

 I've written rather extensively about the push by the Palestinian rebels to impose kufiyas on Palestinian males at the height of the 1936-39 revolt, in fall 1938. And I just came across another story about those events, courtesy Zeina Ghandour's A Discourse on Domination in Mandate Palestine: Imperialism, Property and Insurgency (Routledge 2010). This is from her interview with Said Hassan Me'ary, originally from the village of Sha'b, in the Acre district, found on page 113.

Aswan: Krushchev visits Egypt

I very much like this photo of a Nubian (I presume) kid looking at the photo welcoming USSR Premier Nikita Krushchev on his May, 1964 visit to Egypt. (I apologize for not keeping a record of where I grabbed this from.) I visited Aswan with my family that same year, in November. Here's a photo.

Kufiya skirt (via YOOX)

 I checked YOOX, 8PM, Midiskirts online just now, and this item no longer seems to be available.

As is often the case, someone sent this to me (thanks, can't remember who did!), and it took some time for me to get around to posting.