Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kufiyaspotting, #2: Designer fashion, fall 2004

This is a short notice I clipped out of Complex magazine a year or so ago. Here is the text:

At first glance, Jeff Griffin's new clothing collection seems like it was made for guards at the Abu Ghraib prison: it's menacing, yet whimsical. But the U.K. designer's fall/winter message is all about nonviolence--and not violating the Geneva Convention. Griffin skews urban-assault attire and injects it with joie de vivre, adding splashes of bright pink, orange and purple to camouflage army jackets and guerilla blaclavas. Griffin subverts military style, taking it off the battlefields and into the streets. (L-R) "A-Hood" hooded sweater, $320; "Shut Sellafield" bomber jacket, $380; "Eco Skull" T-shirt, $85;

(This is the fall/winter collection from last year and so it is unfortunately no longer up on the Griffin website. Unfortunately, too, the scarves that are wrapped like kufiyas around the faces of the two models on the right are not described and not priced. And I don't really agree that this photo projects "nonviolence," given that the models' faces are wrapped so you can't recognize them, in the style of the anarchists' Black Bloc, and that the model on the right is showing a clenched fist, a sign of militancy and black power. Kufiyaspotting #1: here.)


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