Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is terribly exciting. A group called The Kufiyeh Project has been set up to promote the kufiya as a Palestinian symbol and, more important to my mind, to promote the sale of Palestinian kufiyas (now made only at the Hirbawi factory, Hebron).

This is how the project describes itself. Please check out the group's website, order kufiyas ($12, a dozen for $120), sell kufiyas, involve yourselves in the project.

The Kufiyeh Project was conceived by concerned activists from New Orleans Palestine Solidarity and the Austin Coalition for Palestine, in coordination with Palestine Online Store. The project is not-for-profit, and its objectives are:

1. To proactively promote the kufiyeh as a symbol of Palestinian identity, resistance, struggle for justice, and solidarity with it.

2. To support Palestinian industry and make sure that kufiyehs continue to be produced in Palestine.

Our strategies and tactics will include asking progressive celebrities to wear it and to speak up for justice in Palestine. We also intend to promote the Palestinian-made kufiyeh as much as possible using all forms of publicity. And, last but not least, we will support the Hirbawi factory to the best of our ability and also encourage better quality production.

The Kufiyeh Project is currently being coordinated by Mai Bader and Haithem El-Zabri, and an advisory board is being formed. Income generated from sales and contributions will be rechanneled into the project (under supervision of the board) to pursue the above-mentioned objectives.

Contact the group at

(I'd really like to get hold of the kufiya shopping bag--where can I find one of those?!)


Haithem said...

Haha, they don't exist yet, Ted! But I may try to produce kufiyeh gift-wrap paper in time for the Christmas season (will try to get it made in Palestine).

Thanks for posting, and for your kind e-mail!

Mai Bader said...

Thank you for your support, Ted!

Together we can SAVE our valuable symbol of Palestine-- The Kufiyeh!