Sunday, April 12, 2009

Postscript on Sex and the City

My friend Nadine suggested that if I wrote an article on the previous post, Kufiyaspotting #47, that I give it the title: "The Kufiyyah Tank Top: Eros & (A)politics in Sex and the City."

I really like the title, and it brings up something that I was thinking about after I put up the post: how completely devoid SATC is of political discussion, and how stark the juxtaposition is in the scene referred to in the previous post: between discussion of men, and fashion, and relationships (the staple of SATC) and the (disavowed) sign of Palestine. The contrast is made even more remarkable by the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker looks totally hot (as usual on SATC) in her kufiya tank top.

Does this warrant an article? I'm undecided.


John H said...

ed. Write this. Great idea. Even the hint that there was a behind-the-scenes political thing going on in that product-placement series is great. Do you know the work that Constance Penley's students did behind the scenes of Melrose Place (things like apartments with wall art of the Rodney King beating, heather Lokyear (sp?) crocheting the termination pill formula on a blanket when she was recovering from a miscarriage etc)? Its moments like these, and Battlestar Galactica of course, that reaffirm one's faith in the genius of television. -

- John

Noa said...

I think it's a fantastic idea. You can broaden it to a discussion of the conspicuous absence of the Palestine question in American TV.
Check out the episode in Law and Oder: Criminal Intent from a few seasons ago, when Logan argued with his Zionist captain about Palestine. I am glad to report detective Logan (who plays Big in SatC) was completely pro-Palestinian.