Friday, April 10, 2009

Kufiyaspotting #47: Sex and the City

Rema, who I met after the MESA panel where I presented my paper on kufiyas, told me about a Sex and the City kufiya episode. Finally, and thanks to Nadine, I have got hold of the DVD. It's from Season Four, Episode 17 ("A 'Vogue' Idea"). It's the episode where Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) attempts to write an article for Vogue (the "Mecca" for fashion writers, she calls it), but runs up against the bitchy editor, Enid, played by Candace Bergen. You remember it. It's always a treat to see Candace B. on the screen.

Carrie and her pals are having the usual foursome lunch together, after the meeting at Vogue, and Carrie shows up wearing this kufiya top.

This was way ahead of the curve. As you would expect from SATC. This would have been first broadcast on February 3, 2002, according to my calculations. Less than four months after 9/11, in case you didn't notice. Way before the kufiya fashion explosion that started in 2005 or so.

I shot these photos off my computer screen.


Anonymous said...

what restaurant is this?

Ted Swedenburg said...

sorry, no idea!