Monday, October 03, 2005

Torture of Iraqis for ‘Stress Relief’: US Soldiers

From the Sunday Herald (Scotland), a report that shows, among other things, that the conviction of Lynndie England last week is by no means the end of the story. A few highlights:

Three soldiers – a captain and two sergeants – from the 82nd Airborne Division stationed at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Mercury near Fallujah in Iraq have told Human Rights Watch how prisoners were tortured both as a form of stress relief and as a way of breaking them for interrogation sessions.

The 82nd Airborne soldiers at FOB Mercury earned the nickname “The Murderous Maniacs” from local Iraqis and took the moniker as a badge of honour.

The soldiers referred to their Iraqi captives as PUCs – persons under control – and used the expressions “f***ing a PUC” and “smoking a PUC” to refer respectively to torture and forced physical exertion.

(I found this through The Angry Arab News Service.)

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