Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Stop the Wall: Roger Waters

The Walmart shareholders are congregating, as they do every year about this time. But it seems that organized protests against the Wal are not happening this year. I guess we are turning into sheep.

Meanwhile, Roger Waters is still agitating against that other (apartheid)wall, according to this AP report, via Salon.com (and thanks to Alannah for the heads up).

Ex-Pink Floyd rocker wants Israeli wall down

Jun 2nd, 2009 | AIDA REFUGEE CAMP, West Bank -- The legendary rocker and co-founder of Pink Floyd says he would give a concert in a flash if Israel's West Bank wall is torn down.

Roger Waters made the promise Tuesday during a visit to a Palestinian refugee camp that is hemmed in by the separation barrier's tall slabs of cement.

The 65-year-old co-wrote Pink Floyd's iconic "The Wall" album and performed music from it in 1990 at the site where the Berlin Wall once stood.

Waters had harsh words for the West Bank barrier, which Israel says was built as a defense against Palestinian militants.

The musician says the wall amounts to an oppressive grab of Palestinian land and that he hopes that "this thing, this awful thing, is destroyed soon."

Go here for previous posts on Roger Waters, who has been been involved in the campaign against the Wall for several years.

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