Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympian Kufiyas


4 Palestinians are competing in the Beijing Olympics. They wore kufiya shirts in today's opening ceremony parade. The flag carrier is 5000 meter runner Nader Al-Masri, who hails from Beit Hanoun refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, and who needed the help of human rights organizations in order to secure an exit visa, so he could train in...Jericho. (Thanks, Joel.)



Rosetta said...

Creator: Rachel Emmet said...

haha i was wondering when youd post on this! i was thinking ... b/c its no longer such a statement around the neck, did they have to make it that much louder and make a full shirt of it? can i hope to see kufiya jumpsuits in the future?

Creator: Rachel Emmet said...

oh ps. i may have found the craziest kufiya spotting ever..

at first i thought it was just a similar punjabi scarf but no stop the vid @ 1:38 itd DEF a kufiya gone global (gone 'black'?) whats going on?

Creator: Rachel Emmet said...

also here: at :31

Anonymous said...

Hi Ted,

This is a video from an Jewish-Israeli "hina (henna) party) party. The happy couple are 100% Jewish by faith, but as you see they are sporting Kufiyias and dancing to Arabic music ("Bouki dalale"), a most popular song among Mizrachi Jews.

Best, Eva

Anonymous said...

The best line goes to the France2 announcer who quipped "not impressive, but perhaps a more positive contribution for Palestine than their traditional murdering of athletes."