Thursday, March 09, 2006

Vera Tamari at The Bridge, NYC

Since I know Vera Tamari and admire her work, which is being exhibited at The Bridge in NYC at the Palestinian art exhibit (see below), I thought I'd post a photo of what she's showing. The work is called Tale of a Tree (ceramics and phototransfer on plexiglass.) And here is a description, from the exhibit website:

Vera Tamari's iconic installation refers to the hundreds of olive trees that have been destroyed. Not only an essential food staple, the olive is also a medicine, a cosmetic, and a symbol for the attachment of Palestinians to the land. The wanton destruction of hundreds of these ancient trees by settlers and military forces is one of the many great tragedies of the occupation of Palestine.

“Vera Tamari pays tribute to the olive trees, a persistent theme in her work, now a dreamy vision in myriad shades of pastel blue, pink, purple and ochre yellow: The olive tree, green and solid, giving birth to coloured miniatures in itself, tired of its ancient form and of its constant symbol, breaks norms and transcends tradition, bursting into a dazzling rainbow for the future." – Tania Tamari Nasir (March 2000)

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