Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kufiyaspotting #31: Jermaine Dupri, Chris Brown

I've been asked to comment on the recent popularity of the kufiya in hip-hop circles, so I decided to hunt for more images and do more research. Of course, the kufiya in hip-hop is not "new" but dates back to the mid-to-late 80s, at least. Just as the kufiya has been around in political circles in the US since the early 70s, and in hipster circles since the mid-eighties.

Some claim that the latest upsurge in hip-hop kufiya wearing was incited by Jermaine Dupri (pictured on left), and given another jolt when Jay-Z showed up on the Letterman show wearing one (I've not found a photo of that one yet.) This may be the case, but Jermaine and Jigga were following trends and then taking them into more visible venues. They did not initiate hip-hop kufiya wearing. (On the right is Chris Brown.)

On this blog, I've "spotted" Houston rapper Chamillionaire (born Hakeem Seriki), Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, The Cool Kids, Everlast (here and here), and Aki Nawaz of Fun>Da>Mental.

More to come!


John Schaefer said...

Jay-Z's "bandanna" looks like a kufiyya but of the nonstandard Kanye West variety.

Anonymous said...

This folks shold think before they where things...