Friday, October 20, 2006

More responses to forum: Swedenburg "pro-terrorist" and perhaps pro-Nazi?

Today's Arkansas-Democrat Gazette contains the following letter to the editor:
Nothing is Israel’s fault

After reading letter writer Ted Swedenburg’s liberal tripe recently, I thought I was going to lose my lunch.

So it’s all the evil Israeli’s fault, huh? Well, I don’t remember any news reports of Israeli terrorists blowing up a busload of Arab women and children. I don’t remember reading about an Israeli suicide bomber blowing himself up in a crowded Gaza Strip cafe. I didn’t see Israelis dancing and cheering in the streets when they got the news about 9/11. I must have missed the reports of Israeli terrorists blowing up an Arab airliner full of innocent people. Haven’t seen any Israeli nut case on TV shouting for all the world to hear that Iran and Syria need to be wiped off the map. Didn’t see anything about Israel lobbing Iranian missiles on Hezbollah.

Swedenburg is not pro-Israel by any means, but pro-terrorist. When he finishes speaking at his forums, does he raise his arm and shout, “Heil Hitler”? He’s proof of the well-known medical fact that there is no cure for stupid.

Little Rock

This is in response to a letter of mine published in the Democrat-Gazette, responding to a letter by Darla Newman. (Newman got the same letter published in the Northwest Arkansas Times; my response was also published. Read the letters here. I sent a shortened version to the Democrat-Gazette.)

This is of course a typical McCarthyite smear. My concern is that the paper prints such nonsense without a shred of evidence. I spoke to the responsible person at the paper, who said that Mr. Thrasher was just expressing his "opinion." I said, so it would have also been okay, just his "opinion," if he had called me a rapist or a child molester? She said, that's a stretch. I said, so it's worse to be a rapist or child molester than a Nazi? She changed the subject...

I'll respond briefly here to just one point made by Mr. Thrasher: "Haven’t seen any Israeli nut case on TV shouting for all the world to hear that Iran and Syria need to be wiped off the map." No, but Israeli policy makers are working over-time for regime change in Iran, with their neo-con sidekicks in the White House. And then there is Avigdor Liberman, leader of the Israel Beytenu (Israel Our Home) party, who favors a "peace" plan with the Palestinians that involves not only the "transfer" (read: ethnic cleansing) of Palestinians from areas of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that are to (according to the plan) remain in Israel hands, but also the "transfer" of Arab-Palestinians who are Israeli citizens into the Palestinian territories. This proponent of ethnic cleansing may now be invited to join the Israeli government by PM Olmert.


John Schaefer said...

"Well, I don’t remember any news reports of Israeli terrorists blowing up a busload of Arab women and children."

That's because, when Israeli shells fell on the Qana refugee camp, the US chose to replace the UN Secretary-General, rather than allow him to investigate whether or not Israel did indeed intentionally blow up a whole campful of women and children.

Thrasher didn't hear the media reports because the US media chose not to cover this particular story.

Trinketization said...

Ia Thrasher a real name? Or is it one of those black ops scams, a bit like 'Ollie North' - who I still can't believe was a real person, even though he's allegedly back in Nicaragua again. Where do they keep the vats in which they breed these mugwumps?


Trinketization said...
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Ted Swedenburg said...

i don't know if it's the fellow's real name, but there are folks, in Arkansas and elswhere, with this name. today the first of the many letters written to the paper was published.

RandallJones said...

I remember when on 9/11, Israel released a video that was shown around the world, a video that allegedly showed Palestinians cheering about the WTC attack. On television they showed a split screen, on one side was the destroyed WTC towers and on the other side was the cheering Palestinians. I thought to myself, we are in shock about planes being flown into the towers and who knows how many people had died, yet all Israel was concerned about was demonizing the Palestinians. The video could have been shown on another day.

Ironically, the story of the Israelis cheering on 9/11 did not get the same type of attention. They were caught in New Jersey dancing and cheering while filming themselves, with the WTC towers in the background.
See these videos

There were also Israelis that were also caught on 9/11 in a van with explosives headed for the George Washington Bridge