Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Haifa: Hizbullah Supporter

And I quote from The Angry Arab:
You know that sectarian polarization in Lebanon has reached a high point when Arab super star, Haifa Wahbi (a Shi`ite from the village Mahrunah in South Lebanon) declares her support for Hizbullah. She said on New TV that her heart beats for Hasan Nasrallah when she sees him. My mother tells me that her family in South Lebanon are all Hizbullah supporters. The sectarian system of Lebanon forces every Lebanese to identify with her/his sect. The system gives no secular alternatives, and secular parties have done a lousy job of making their case in recent years.


John Schaefer said...

Yeah, in Lebanon it's probably more of a statement. But otherwise it seems to me that Nasrallah's just a superstar everywhere outside of Lebanon.

A. Eteraz said...

your friend alannah suggested i check out your blog and i have found it worthwhile for this post and the long review of natacha atlas. stop by my reformist muslim blog sometime. im currently trying to get an online letter writing to iran off the ground to try and stop stonings to death. i have about 2000 daily readers but no professors.

happypuzzle said...