Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yet more Aki

Another report on All Is War (The Benefits of G-Had) from the BBC on June 28. This provides some clarification about why Aki says he could face prosecution for this forthcoming album (scheduled release date is now July 31). According to the BBC's legal affairs analyst Jon Silverman, "the album could result in a prosecution under glorification of terrorism laws, passed earlier this year, but may require the consent of the Attorney General."

In the article, Aki makes clear that "As far as terrorism and the killing of innocent people goes, I find it repulsive."

Even more interesting than this article is the video (see upper right hand corner of the BBC report) of Aki's appearance in the BBC studio. He defends his rights as an artist to make his comments and opinions known. The interviewers challenge him for rendering equivalent the actions of "the leader of the free world" (George Bush) and Usama Bin Laden, and the other person on the couch (Tory MP Michael Gove, author of Celsius 7/7) asserts that the album may be dangerous, that it may give succor to angry young Muslims and encourage them to resort to violence. Aki responds that the bombers of London on July 7, 2005 (7/7) were "inspired" by the policies of Tony Blair in Iraq.

Aki is cool, logical, coherent. And wearing a kufiya.


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