Thursday, June 22, 2006

Roger Waters at the Wall

Roger Waters (ex-Pink Floyrd), on a visit to Israel and Palestine and who will perform at Neve Shalom today, visited the apartheid wall (separation barrier in Zionist doublespeak) at Bethlehem yesterday, the first stop on the tour. He tagged it with "tear down the wall." I wonder when some famous US popstar will ever get involved in this issue. Or will it just be more Sharon Stones, bussing with the likes of Shimon Peres? (Said Sharon: “I admire you, sir, so greatly, it’s beyond discussion or I would just sit here in a puddle of tears. That I can sit here beside you is my greatest achievement.”)

More on Roger Waters' engagement with the Wall here and here. On Hilary Clinton and the Wall, here and here. Banksy's Wall graffiti are here.


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