Monday, April 09, 2012

US mercenaries against Abdelkrim

Very illuminating post about US mercenary pilots who were recruited by the French to fly missions against Abdelkrim's Riffian rebellion in Morocco (1921-1926).

"In the end, US government concerns about violations of neutrality and hostile public opinion brought the chapter of the Escadrille Chérifienne to a close after only six weeks of combat operations."

 US public opinion at the time, if you can believe it, was very much on the side of Abdelkrim and against the Spanish and French colonialists.

 For instance, there is "The Riff Song," from the Broadway production, The Desert Song, which opened on Broadway in 1925 and was very successful.

"If you're the Red Shadow's foe
The Riffs will strike with a blow
That brings you woe."


To be continued...

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tim abdellah said...

OK, my mind is seriously blown in about 8 directions by this. Wild...