Saturday, February 12, 2011

Singing/chanting on Tahrir Square

This is a wonderful video, because it is yet another example of the great creativity and humor unleashed by the Egyptian Revolution, and because it demonstrates quite dramatically that the revolution was not simply a revolution of young, hip, middle class tweeters. Check out the chants (I've cribbed these from Haithem, who posted them on Facebook):

"e7na meen ou huwwa meen.. e7na el 3amel wil falla7.. ou huwwa 7arami linfita7.."
Who are we and who is he?... we are the laborer and peasant.. and he is the thief of the Infitah [Egypt's 'opening' --economic reforms, structural adjustment, etc.)

"e7na meen ou huwwa meen.. huwwa byelbes akher modah.. ou e7na bneskon 3ashara b2ouda.."
Who are we and who is he.. he wears the latest fashion.. and we live 10 in a room.

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