Sunday, February 13, 2011

Natacha Atlas, Egypt: Rise to Freedom Remix

The inimitable Natacha Atlas has released a remix of material her from most recent (and highly recommended) album Mounqaliba, in solidarity with the struggle of the people of Egypt. It's a wonderful remix, and the video footage, all from Tahrir, is quite stunning.

Please go to Natacha's webpage for an English translation of the lyrics.

Here's a sample:
Let us know there is a land
where words are the purveyors of truth,
heads are held high,
And human will is regarded above all.

I've posted about Natacha several times in the past. Here's my account of her performances in Chicago in 2006.


Richard S. said...

"Lookee here, good things come to those who wait."

"Yeah, but I think, man, you waiting too long."


Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen them already, you should also check out this new song by Mohammed Mounir:

Great song, excellent footage.

And this:

Which was actually shot in Tahrir Square during the sit-in and is a really clever, lovely video. Hany Adel was/is involved with the Wust al-Balad, which I think you've featured once on your blog before (their song, "Mama, I Wanna Get Married") Amr Eid, the songwriter, is with a band called Cairokee.

And bil-marra, I'd recommend an independent film just released commercially in Egypt called Microphone--all about the underground, independent music scene in Alexandria. It's a great movie with tons of fantastic local music of all kinds. And though it was made before the uprising, it really captures a lot of the youth energy and frustration behind it. Here's the trailer, which gives you a sample of some of the songs:

Long live Egypt!