Friday, January 18, 2008

Anne Frank with Keffiyeh in NYC Street Art

Ever on the lookout for kufiyas (aka keffiyeh, kaffiyeh, shemagh), I found an interesting flickr pool called "Hipster Intifada." It has several interesting kufiya shots, including this one of Anne Fank. Plus check out the "History of the object in question" in the discussion section, from AnomalousNYC.

For more flickr photos, just click on kufiya, keffiyeh, or kaffiyeh on flickr. (Most common spelling on flickr: keffiyeh.)


Anonymous said...

I suppose its better than a picture of Anne Frank walking into a pizzeria with a suicide bomb belt.

Anonymous said...

Now also commercially available:

Ted Swedenburg said...


Anonymous said...

Lol, I see that you're referring people to my comment in that smirking little flickr group. I can't tell you how amusing this is to me, because whenever people ask ME about the history of the keffiyeh, I refer them to you!

Your book on the 1936-1939 revolt is such a fantastic piece of work; your methodology was quite inspirational to me and I've gone back and reread it several times over the years.

Glad to have stumbled across your blog here. Please accept my thanks for your outstanding scholarly work!