Friday, April 21, 2006

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) Calls Off Planned Tel Aviv Concert

Roger Waters, ex-Pink Floyd (1965-1983) and since then a solo artist, was scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv, but has called off the concert in response to appeals by Palestinian artists and cultural organizations as well as Israeli refuseniks. Amazing. No US pop star could ever get away with this. Waters has also been very vocal in expressing his opposition to Israel's apartheid wall. Read more about this at ElectronicIntifada (and thanks, Laurie).

P.S. After doing a little more research, I've learned that Waters has moved his concert from Tel Aviv to Neve Shalom, a mixed Arab-Jewish village in Israel, near Jerusalem. So he's not boycotting, but trying to encourage peaceful coexistence.

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Albert Quds said...

Talk about a deceptive headline! How about "HogBlawg calls for drowning infants!" The story could then explain that HawgBlawg actually does NOT call for drowning infants, but rather, giving them swimming lessons . . .

-canuck- said...

he wants peace yet wants to tear down the wall first? surely the opposite makes more sense.