Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Kominas: Islamic Punk on MTV-Desi

Check out the report on The Kominas (which means "The Bastards") on MTV Desi here. According to MTV Desi, they were inspired to form the band by Michael Muhammad Knight's novel, The Taqwacores. Their song, "Rumi Was A Homo," is a must-listen.

When I read Knight's book, I couldn't believe that there actually was an Islamic punk scene, but Mike assured me there is, and sent me a CD with a few cuts. A compilation is forthcoming, I believe, from Alternative Tentacles. You can go to the Kominas site on myspace and download 3 of their songs, for free. It's all, as they say, halal beats.

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John Schaefer said...

So have you seen the comments where the punker than thou crowd are dissing the Kominas for "selling out" to MTV???

Ted Swedenburg said...


none said...