Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm going to Creighton University next week to give a talk about "Contemporary Trends in Middle Eastern Pop Music." (Nice poster, no?) The topic is way too large, so I'll limit the discussion to Haifa Wehbe, "gnawa fusion," and Palestinian rap. Today I'm trying to write up the Haifa bit, which has involved, among other things, scanning the web for useful sources. In the course of my searches I came across the absolutely essential Haifa Wehbe Fashion Blog. Check it out to keep up to date on what Haifa is wearing. We should never forget that Haifa is not just a singer: she's also a fashion model.

What's your favorite Haifa song? I'm quite partial to "Ma Sar." I know, it's pretty much just a techno/dance song with vocals in Arabic, but hey, it's a good dance song, and I like how Haifa's voice sounds on it. Number two for me would be "Ana Haifa." Check out Haifa's most recent videoclip, "Mosh Adra Astana," here.

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