Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is this the best video clip of Arabic music ever?

"Do You Love Me?", from the Bendaly Family عائلة بندلي
Shot in Kuwait, 1978.

UPDATE: As far as I can determine, from hunting around for more information, The Bendaly Family are Lebanese.


Unknown said...

uhm..a clip from the 70...arabic music videos have been upgraded since the 70

Anonymous said...

What a treasure! Something like The Lawrence Welk Show meets The Monkees, meets the Partidge Family, meets the Bendaly Family. Can't get any cooler than that.

Anonymous said...

hilarious isn't it :)
makes my day a happy day

the Bendaly family is indeed Lebanese, they are from Tripoli (in the North) (unfortunately a region that's much in the news these days)