Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Recommended: Fadoul -- Moroccan funk from the 70s

Habibi Funk Records has tracked down the until-now obscure, and amazing funk recordings, of Fadoul et les Privilèges (sometimes spelled Fadaul et les Privilèges), and released them, on vinyl, CD, and download. You can listen to the tracks and read about them and order them here, on the Habibi Funk bandcamp site.

The recording has received a fair amount of press, and it is well deserved. Jannis Stürtz, who runs the label, describes the sound as "Arabic funk played with a punk attitude," and that seems pretty accurate. Even if the music was recorded before anyone in Morocco was imagining punk.

If/when you go to listen, I recommend starting with "Sid Redad," which is an Arabic cover of James Brown's "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag," and "Al Zman Saib," an Arabic cover of Free's "All Right Now." Then try "La Tiq Tiq Latiq," which is the Spencer Davis Group's "I'm A Man," in Arabic.

I was surprised by how "Al Zman Saib" (Times are tough, roughly) was rendered on the cover as الزمان صعيب as I would have thought that الزمان صعب was the correct spelling. But maybe that's how it is spelled in Moroccan colloquial?


analoghdesc said...

thanks for the I'm a Man comment
thought it was just my imagination

Hammer said...

Regarding the spelling of Jannis' album (Note: he's a close friend of mine, by the way), it is darja Moroccan and they 'clip' some parts of the Arabic words as a habit. Ez-zman Lesa'eib is how a Moroccan would say it (Arabic: إزمان لصعيب), simply because they are affected by their ex-coloniser's dialect French. Meanwhile, الصعيب, or الصعب are one and the same different spellings of the Arabic word for "hard/ tough" (as in 'Tough Times'; which is the title of the comp album), but صعيب is how Moroccans say it, and صعب is the formal Arabic word.