Friday, January 08, 2016

Toukadime Radio broadcast #28 (and I love in particular, Houria Habib & Tazi)

It's always a good day when Toukadime decide to put out another broadcast, and they've just put out #28. As always, a number of very fine tunes. I was impressed by the look of the track by Tazi ("404 Kahla"), which they posted with the broadcast.

It is a wonderful track, and you can also check it out here, on YouTube. Tazi Boukhari himself  posted it to YouTube, and he includes this information in the comments:

The song is written by Tazi, the music's by Blaoui Houari. Released in Lyon, France in 1972. The song deals with the French police and their dealings with the youth of the Place du Pont quarter in Lyon, in 1969. (If someone has more information on this, please post a comment.)

But my absolute favorite track from this broadcast was "Touil Elkelma" from Houria Wahab. It is not posted on YouTube, but you can purchase 4 other tracks by Houria on Amazon or eMusic, although I'm not sure any of these are quite as great as "Touil Elkelma."



tim abdellah said...

You aren't kidding about that Houria Wahab track - slamming!!
No YouTube version, sadly. You can, however, see the fabulous album cover here, where a copy was for sale a few years ago:

Ted Swedenburg said...

I did see the cover, it is way cool, but it seemed too small to reproduce in my post.