Thursday, January 07, 2016

Listen to Radiooooo...and Ahmed Malek

I follow Grey Filastine on Facebook, and he turned me onto this amazing website, It works like this: you see a map of the globe, you click on a country, you choose a decade, and it starts spinning tunes.

There is much more to explore, but I, typically, went to Algeria, 1970s, and came up with a track by Ahmed Malek, called "Autopsie d'un complot." Check it out:

The track is from an album of film music composed by Ahmed Malek called Musique Originale de Films, and the track is from a 1978 film, Autopsie d'un complot, from the Algerian director Mohamed Slim Riad. You can check out a bit of the film here.

And I learned from reading about the album on that Ahmed Malek also did the soundtrack for one of my favorite Algerian films of all time, Merzak Allaouche's Omar Gatlato. Here's a bit of that soundtrack. And if you hunt on YouTube, you can find more of Ahmed Malek's work. But I particularly liked "Autopsie."

All that from just a few short minutes listening to There's much much more to explore!

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