Monday, April 28, 2014

The Playlist from The Guardian: Mahraganat mixtape and Saudi black metal and more

I really cannot recommend enough this recent post by John Doran on The Guardian's Playlist series. He covers a lot of interesting material, but I was most moved by the mahraganat mixtape and, much more revelatory, the black metal from Saudi group Al-Namrood.

First of all, Egyptian mahraganat artists Vigo, Sadat, Knka and Diesel were in London in January and they recorded a 48 minute set, with Kode9 lurking. They collaborated with Faze Miyake, Kode9, and Artwork in producing it. (You can not only view but you can also download the set.)

And then there is the mixtape produced in Cairo with the same artists with the collaboration of Mumdance. You can read about it, and download it here, and this is the set list:

Mumdance Mahraganat mix ميكس مامدانس للمهرجانات 
01. Cairo traffic introduction مقدمة زحمة القاهرة
02. Mumdance feat. Figo - 100 Copies Vocal مامدانس وفيجو - صوت ١٠٠ نسخة
03. Dezel -  Music That Will Make You Dance Like Crazy ديزل- مزيكة هترقص بجنون توزيع الديزل استوديو (يلاطرب)المدفعجية
04. Alaa Fifty, Kanaka & Dezel  - Mahragan Anjax Snyega علاء فيفتي، وكنكا، وديزل - مهرجان أنجكس
05. Dezel, Kanaka & Figo - Kolo Edo Fooooa (Eskimo Remix) ديزل، وكنكا، وفيجو - كله إيده فوق (ريمكس إسكيمو)
06. Mumdance feat. Sadat, Alaa Fifty, Kanaka & Dezel - Cairo 8 Bar مامدانس مع سادات، وعلاء فيفتي، وكنكا، وديزل - بار القاهرة
07. Knka & Dezel - Untitled كنكا وديزل - بدون عنوان
08. Pinch & Islam Chipsy feat. Sadat - Untitled بينش وإسلام شيبسي مع سادات - بدون عنوان
09. Mumdance feat. Sadat - Take Time (Salam City Freestyle) مامدانس مع السادات -  (فري ستايل مدينة السلام)
10. Dezel & Kanaka - Untitled ديزل وكنكا - بدون عنوان
11. Sadat, Alaa Fifty, Dezel, & Kanaka - Untitled سادات، وعلاء فيفتي، وديزل، وكنكا -

And second, there is that Saudi black metal band. Black metal: not my cup of tea. But these guys (who record in total secret) mix in oud and qanun and derbouka and ney with the metal guitar and bass and drum, and the results are pretty amazing. So go read about them and check out the Youtube vid posted by The Guardian, but also check out this one:

And then go buy some of their music on iTunes or emusic or whatever. 

There is much more discussed here by Danon, but these were my faves.

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