Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Cheikh Hasnaoui, "Bnat essohba" (rumba)

Ya bnat essohba
Ya bnat el ghorba
We-chtih er-rumba
Ihabou lbal
We-chtih er-rumba 
(corrected April 15)

(Filles de compagnie 
Filles de l’exil 
Elles aiment le bal  
Et la danse de la rumba)

A rumba from Cheikh Hasnaoui

Cheikh Hasnaoui, born Mohammed Khelouat (1910-2002). One of Algeria's great chaabi singers, from a small town near Tizi Ouzou in Kabylia. Much of his career was spent in France, from 1938, and he is considered one of the great Algerian singers of the exile experience. He recorded in both Arabic and Berber, and is regarded as both a great master of chaabi and one of the originators of modern Kabyle music.

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