Monday, April 07, 2014

Toukadime (all vintage) Radio presents: North African miniskirt music + some mini-jupe vids

The inestimable Toukadime Radio, which stands for tout qadim, that is "all" (in French) "old/vintage" (Arabic), has just made available its latest broadcast, #16. All songs about the 'mini jupe,' French for miniskirt, all from North Africa. Well, all except for two about the 'maxi.' Please listen.

I managed to find some youtube vids of the songs in question. Here's Slimani with "Mini Jupe A Fatima."

Mazouni's "Mini Jupe."

Chab Haj Mohamed Bouzoubaa, "Benate El Mackssi" (and this one is about the "maxi" not the "mini).

If you find any more, let me know!


Hammer said...

Dear Ted,

The name of the radio is taken from a Moroccan word toukadem; which means 'Presents'. This is heard almost in all of the intros of these old 45 RPM records where a record label would hire a presenter to announce it, saying that "So and so label presents... ." Toukadim ("تقدم") , thus has nothing to do with kadeem even if the songs are all old, nor does it have anything to do with the French langauge.

As usual, bouncin' good music.


Ted Swedenburg said...

Thanks Hammer. I should have made clear that 'toukadime' is a multilingual pun. The first meaning is of course 'presents.' But when you listen to the broadcasts, the announcers pronounce the show as toukadeem. That's why I think the second meaning is 'all vintage.' French speaking Arabs, in France, and in the Maghreb, play these sorts of language games all the time.