Thursday, April 03, 2014

Even more mahraganat (electro shaabi) photos

This set from David Degner. And focusing this time on the Tamanya Fil Meya ("Eight Percent") crew from Matariya. (And again, no mention at all of the January 25, 2014 massacre in Matariya. Sheesh.)

In any case, great photos. I particularly love the one above, featuring Oka and Ortega at some kind of (staged?) pink wedding.


Hammer said...

"great photos... featuring Oka and Ortega at some kind of (staged?) pink wedding."

This was taken at the set of their film '8%', or 'Tamanyah fil'Miyyah' (2013); starring themselves, along actress Mayy Kassab.

Here's the official clip of that, erm song: 'Ana Barbie' (I Am Barbie) featuring a Winnie The Pooh; a Mickey Mouse, and what appears to me as a honey bee.

Tsk, this should come as no surprise; this 'Disneyfication' of everything 'Arabic' in the Arab world. It's a cultural colonialism going on there. Watch this other clip by popular singer Hamada Hilal ('Ana Sponge Bob').

Hammer said...

Well, judging from the size of his shoes, that third character is none other than 'Goofy': the anthropomorphic dog created by Disney.

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