Monday, January 26, 2009

"Fuck Your Arab Money" (Plus: kufiyaspotting)

From Revolution of the Mind--recording name for an Iranian-American named Ali. He remixes and completely recasts and politicizes Busta Rhyme's rather silly song "Arab Money," and discusses Gaza, Falluja, Oscar Grant. All you sheiks and emirs, watch out!

It's great. I hope Busta has been properly reeducated. This dude can really rap. Check out Revolution of the Mind's myspace page for more.

Rich fucks ain't leavin' without payin' the price...

All the democratic leaders overthrown and killed
They needed house sand niggers to close the deal...

You can do that dumb dance with emirs and sheiks
But only time you see that on the Arab street...

Yeah, fuck your Arab money
Wealth of the people you take that from me..

See our babies and our women dyin' in Gaza right now.
Where's your fuckin' Arab money, huh?


Anonymous said...

This is pretty great! Thanks for posting it. I didn't even know this guy existed!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm arab and yeah, f*ck arab money!