Monday, January 19, 2009

After the War on Gaza, the Kufiya is More Alive than Ever

If you've been watching any news about Gaza and the protests against it over the past three weeks, especially if you've been checking out Al Jazeera English (or Arabic), you've seen lots of kufiyas. Solidarity with Palestinians is at an all-time high--except in the US.

Robert Fisk, reporting from Lebanon in The Independent, notes today:

"Europe laughs while Palestinians mourn their dead. No wonder that in the streets of Beirut, shops were doing a flourishing trade in Palestinian scarves and flags. Even some of Palestine's most serious enemies in Lebanon wore the Palestinian keffiyeh in solidarity with the people of Gaza."

Be sure to read the entire article.

Here's a photo of a kufiya-garbed Lebanese woman, at a demonstration organized by Lebanese leftists at the Canadian Embassy in Beirut, January 13. They were protesting the fact that Canada's delegation cast the only vote against the UN Human Rights Council resolution criticizing Israel's actions in Gaza. Courtesy Radical Beirut.

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