Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gaza vigil in Fayetteville, AR

GAZA children, 260 killed
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50,000 in Alexandria, Egypt
10-12,000 in London
300 in Austin, TX
20,000 in DC today, maybe
45 in Fayetteville Arkansas

Stop this war!

Here's Al Vick's post on the vigil.

My photos on flickr are here.

And a report by local t.v. news, a bit hazy on details.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many non Camel-fuckers that included?

from AR said...


Anonymous said...

Don't they get 72 camels when they would think they would be get away from their mom and sister!

KS said...

Over 20 000 in Montreal on Saturday (don't believe the mainstream press out of Canada which is purposely trying to downplay the turnout across the country).

PS. Ignore the troll.