Saturday, January 03, 2009

Celebrities among the tens of thousands of Europeans demonstrating against Israeli assault on Gaza

Annie Lennox (C), Bianca Jagger (2nd R) and British politician George Galloway (L) march through London with thousands of protestors in London, Britain, 03 January 2009. A series of demonstrations took place across Britain against the Israeli air strikes on Gaza. The protests are being held at 18 locations including Portsmouth, Manchester, Hull, London and Glasgow. EPA/ANDY RAIN

In London, today, among the 10-12,000 demonstrators were Bianca Jagger, Annie Lennox (ex-Eurythmics) and comedian Alexei Sayle, according to the New York Times.

For the record, Bianca Jagger's daughter Jade donated money at charity event for Palestinian children sponsored by the Hoping Foundation back in May 2007. So apparently critical thinking on Palestine-Israel runs in the family, or at least the female side of it.

You gotta love it, demonstrators threw shoes at 10 Downing St. (Britain's government is part of Israel's cover too, along with the US). And there were lots of kufiyas. Please note the kufiya on the woman standing next to Annie, below, and the Palestinian flag.


Postscript: about 1/2 hour after I first posted this.

'In Paris, more than 20,000 demonstrators, many wearing Arab keffiyeh headscarves, chanted slogans like "Israel murderer!"' (Reuters, via NYT). And Israeli ground troops are now headed in...


Anonymous said...

Wow, celebrities! They always show such good judgement!

Ted Swedenburg said...

Unfortunately celebrities DON'T always so good judgment. But three did today in London.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, being photographed smirking next to someone holding a sign that says "Smash the Jewish State" shows excellent taste.

Ted Swedenburg said...

Please show me where Annie and Bianca are standing next to such signs. The signs in the post say, "Stop the Massacre," "Freedom for Palestine," "Stop the Genocide," etc. These are all sensible and humane demands.