Thursday, February 21, 2013

mahragan (electro cha3bi) mixtape

Courtesy Cairo Liberation Front, who call the genre Electro Cha3bi. If I could read Dutch I could figure out more about who these folks are. Generation Bass says they are "two dudes from Tillburg." Names: Joost Heijthuisen and Yannnick Verhoeven.

They like to wear kufiyas, it seems, when they DJ.

Check them out on Facebook. If you read Dutch, tell me more.

I also wish I knew more, or anything, really, about the artists on the mixtape. Maybe someone will do that work too. (Except #26, Oka and Ortega, of the famous Eight Percent crew, straight outta Matariya.)

You can access it 3 ways.

1: on Soundcloud.

2. on youtube:

 3. and best of all, as a download. Here.


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