Monday, December 19, 2011

Time Magazine's Person of the Year: The Protester (many in kufiyas)

You no doubt know that Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2011 is "The Protester." The protester who, for Time, set it all off, is of course Tunisia's Mohamed Bouazizi. Read about it here. And check out the photo essay, of protesters from around the world (and especially, of course, from the Arab world), by  Peter Hapak. Three of the thirty-six items in the portfolio (some of which juxtapose two persons) feature protesters in kufiya. I reproduce them below:

El Teneen, a prominent Egyptian graffiti artist, wears a homemade gas mask.

Syrian activists Abdul Hamid Sulaiman, Rami Jarrah and Mohamed Abazid all fled the country. "I was tortured for three days, and that’s when I became more active and started using a pseudonym," Jarrah says. Right, his damaged iPhone.

An Egyptian protester, left, holds a spent shell casing found after clashes in Tahrir Square. 
Right, protester Ahmed Aggour, a.k.a. Psypherize, an Egyptian activist, artist and blogger.


Jason Antrosio said...

Not related to current post, but wanted to let you know Hawgblawg is included in an attempt at comprehensive anthropology blog list and through 31 December, can vote for 10 best anthropology blogs.

Ted Swedenburg said...

funny! i never thought of my blog as an 'anthro' blog! thanks, Jason.