Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Volkswagen Polo, Viral Ad with Kufiya-clad Suicide Bomber

Someone sent me notice of this ad three or four years ago. I just ran across the note.

It's a "viral" that seems to have been made to offend a lot of people and, perhaps, to embarrass a big corporation. A stereotypical Arab, wearing a camouflage jacket and a kufiya around his neck, gets into a Volkswagen Polo. He drives up to a sidewalk café, where a young woman sits holding her baby. The "Arab" pushes a button and blows up the bomb that is strapped around his midsection. There is a fireball inside the car, but it remains inside the vehicle, which remains intact, and there is no damage to anyone or anything outside it. The commercial ends with the statement that the Volkswagen Polo is "small but tough."

According to, it's not clear who is responsible for the ad.

Interesting, isn't it, that when this ad was created (2003?), the association between the kufiya and the suicide bomber was so fixed. It's come unglued since then, eh?

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