Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Egyptian Democracy Movement's Clear and Non-negotiable Demands

Here they are, clear and consistent. Let's circulate them widely and support them tenaciously. They were posted on a huge banner on Tahrir Square a few days ago. The movement is sticking to them.

Mubarak should step down from power immediately.

Dissolving of the national assembly and the senate.

Establish a “national salvation group” that includes all public and political personalities, intellectuals, constitutional and legal experts, and representatives of youth groups who called for the demonstrations on the 25th and 28th of January. This group is to be commissioned to form a transitional coalition government that is mandated to govern the country during a transitional period. The group should also form a transitional presidential council until the next presidential elections.

Drafting a new constitution that guarantees the principles of freedom and social justice.

Prosecute those responsible for the killing of hundreds of martyrs in Tahrir Square.

The immediate release of detainees.

This is from an absolutely essential article by Anthony Alessandrini, "Non-Negotiable," in Jadaliyya.

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