Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Muslims are all over...

Three random indicators:

1. Did you catch this? Snoop Doggy Dog has reportedly joined the Nation of Islam. He appeared this past weekend at the NOI's annual Saviours' Day convention in Chicago, which commemorates the birth of NOI founder and God, Master Fard. According to The Guardian, he explained his actions as follows: "I'm an advocate for peace. I've been in the peace movement ever since I've been making music," he told followers. "My whole thing is not about really trying to push my thing on you. It's just about the way I live, and I live how I'm supposed to live as far as doing what's right and representing what's right. That's why I was here today."

The photo (Charles Rex Arbogast, AP) shows Snoop in suit and tie, greeting Minister Louis Farrakhan.

2. The new season of the TNT show "Saving Grace," starring Holly Hunter, started last night. The premise of the show is that Hunter's character (Grace Hanadarko) is in need of salvation, and that an angel named Earl appears to her all the time, in pursuit of that mission. So, on some level, this is a quintessentially "Christian"--albeit terribly quirky--show. Interesting then that the theme song for this show about salvation is written and performed by Everlast, a devout Muslim (Sunni, not Nation of Islam).

3. And then, to repeat the previous post, The Roots (two Muslims, of sorts), as house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. On the first show, last night, The Roots sounded very hot, and were featured prominently. (No kufiya, alas, around ?uestlove's neck.) Watch the opening here:

Ubiquitous. Mainstream. Time for more recognition.

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