Thursday, March 26, 2009

Liberation Hiphop: Palestinian rap in New Orleans

There seems to be a real upsurge of such events. I really wish I could go. I just came across this announcement:

Liberation Hiphop showcase!! In conjunction with the 6th Annual PATOIS New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival. The sound of liberation, from New Orleans to Detroit to New York to Gaza. Featuring: Wise Intelligent (from the legendary hiphop pioneers Poor Righteous Teachers), Invincible (Detroit hiphop star and Jewish pro-Palestine activist), Mohammad Al-Farra (From Gaza's first hiphop group Palestine Rappers), Sabreena Da Witch (The First Palestinian R&B Singer), Truth Universal (Trinidad born, New Orleans based, Afrikan liberation), Dee-1 (New Orleans conscious hiphop), and DJ EF Cuttin, plus films and guest speakers.

Friday, March 27, 2009 at 9:30pm
2106 Chartres (and Frenchman)
New Orleans, LA
Tickets: $10 (what a great deal!)

I'm very impressed, and heartened, that one of the premier rappers belonging to the Nation of Gods and Earths, Wise Intelligent, who belonged to the great "conscious rap" group, Poor Righteous Teachers, is appearing on the same bill as Palestinian rapper Mohammad Al-Farra and Palestinian singer Sabreena Da Witch. Plus the awesome Invincible. Read more about the artists here.

I'm also pleased to see that the Patois Human Rights Film Festival is so Palestine-positive. It includes an art exhibit, Expressions of Nakba, devoted the disaster of 1948, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

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