Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kufiyaspotting #44: "Taking the Stage" (new MTV show)

Thanks to Lauren, who alerted me to this. It's an ad for the new MTV show, "Taking the Stage," which first aired on March 19. Kufiyas, fashionable, faux and not so faux, are all over this ad. Lauren says there are a couple other ads for the show that are airing on TV that are also kufiya-laden.

"Taking the Stage" is a reality show about Cincinnati youths at a performing arts school. Is this evidence that urban youth in the US are all about kufiyas? Or have fashion designers placed all the kufiyas in the ad in order to appeal to hip young viewers of MTV who are into kufiyas? Are Cincinnati youths incredibly stylish? Lagging far behind fashion trends? Palestinian symps?

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