Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kufiyaspotting #34: Nas

Someone sent me this one. Nas has a new album coming out, as of this date untitled. It was to have been called Nigger, but that title has been abandoned due to the resulting controversy. A couple of tracks have been "leaked," including one called "Be a Nigger Too," along with a poster series, of which this item is one of several. You can listen to the song, and see other posters, here.

Early in his career Nas (given name Nasir Jones) was one of the most prominent rappers who belonged to the Nation of Gods and Earths (Five Percenters), but by around 1999 or so, he had left the Gods. Evidence for his departure appears in his song "God Love Us," from Nastradamus, where he raps, "Cause next to Jesus on the cross was the crook niggaz, uhh/but he forgive us." And note the cross he wears on his Independence Day site.

But all this doesn't keep him from following in the footsteps of Kanye, Jigga, and all the others.

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