Friday, August 04, 2006

Video Letter from Beirut: "From Beirut to...Those Who Love Us"

Beirut's artistic community refuses to die! Please watch this video letter from Beirut, produced by Beirut based film collective Beirut DC, entitled "From Beirut to...those who love us.“

According to the letter I just received from them, "The collective is part of grassroots coalition SAMIDOUN which set up the first relief centre for refugees in Beirut, the last count hold around 10,000 internally displaced persons who have fled from Southern Lebanon and the southern suburbs of Beirut. Its various committees, like the medical team, the meal distribution team or the social intervention team carry out various projects in support of the refugees.

The video-letter raises awareness for the situation in Lebanon and shows alternative images to the ones we see in the media on a daily basis. Beirut DC aims the film to be shown in cinemas and cultural spaces all over the world, encourages a wide distribution of the work and welcomes TV stations to acquire the broadcast rights. All revenue from TV-sales will be entirely used to finance the work of SAMIDOUN....

Donations are welcomed at
Samidoun c/o Green Line Association
- Bank Name: Bank of Koweit and Arab World
- Swift Code: BKAWLBBE
- Account Number: 6189003

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information, for interviews or photos.

With kind regards

Jad Abi Khalil (Beirut DC), phone: +961-3-853625, mail: or"


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