Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sun Ra - Brother From Another Planet: BBC Video

Acclaimed Documentary on this Visionary Musician

A wonderful BBC documentary, 58 minutes long, on the amazing, indescribable jazz artist Sun Ra. Without Sun Ra--would Parliament-Funkadelic ever have existed? Would psychedelic lightshows have been invented? Would there be Afro-Futurism? Check it out!

And: watch this live Sun Ra performance on "Saturday Night Live," 1978. A weirder and more visionary musical act probably has never appeared, before or since, on the show.

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John Schaefer said...

Nice vids. According to a friend, bluesman Johnny Copeland liked to say that there have been two certified space aliens in human history:

One is Sun Ra.
The other is Lee Scratch Perry.

Rob J said...

I saw the programme when it was first shown in 2005,so it is nice to see it here in its' full exotic glory. A true original, his finest album "Jazz In Silhouette" from 1958 has just been reissued.

It is as good as "Kind Of Blue" or
"Mingus Ah Um". Utterly essential music.