Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fun^Da^Mental's "All Is War" Available 7 August

Fun^Da^Mental's controversial new album All Is War (the benefits of g-had) will be available for downloading on August 7 from the group's website.

Says Aki Nawaz, the group's leader:
"We are not soliciting for your money but your genuine support. Even if you download 1 track and preferably the “I Reject” track you are contributing to putting the middle finger up at the system.

The results for the music industry, media, and the establishment if the track appears in the download charts, would be horrific but absolutely brilliant in terms of dissent.

We promise to donate part of the money to “VERY WORTHWHILE CAUSES” and the rest will be used to carry on pushing politics out of the conventional box of deceit and lies."

The physical album will be released on 28th August via Vital Distribution, on the new label Five Uncivilized Tribes, created because two silent directors of Aki Nawaz's label, Nation Records, threatended to resign over All is War's release.

The track “Cookbook D.I.Y,” which has received the most media attention due to the fact that it treats, among other things, a suicide bomber making his bomb, has been made into a video (available to the media by emailing Fun^Da^Mental). Other videos are in preparation.

Aki Nawaz issued the following statement:
"We have now found a secret location outside of Europe where the album is been manufactured. My intention was to expose the hypocrisy and contradictions of democracy and free speech, which is evident and real, that has been achieved.

I would say we are living in times of “Democratic Nazism” and there is an epidemic of institutionally fuelled racism against the communities. In time and predictably in a colonial mentality, an indigenous “lord or sir” will conclude this after siphoning the tax payers money in its thousands and only then will the “establishment” acknowledge the reality and its error.

However until then as previously we will speak out whatever the consequences at the hands of the State.

Democracy has been hijacked by a few to execute their own demonic aspirations least of all Tony Blair, a Crime Minister of the 1st degree. Foreign Policy is the root cause of the reaction and reality we live in.

I do not fear Prison; far better people have done their time for bigger and worthier struggles.”

The label adds:
"we request that people should first support the people in Lebanon with their money rather than buy the album, their need is greater and far more important however we will happily donate money from the sales to where it matters."

As for the album's provocative album cover: it's totally punk rock. (Aki's first music gig was as drummer for Southern Death Cult.)

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