Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Gossip "Listen Up!" Video

Great song from The Gossip's 3rd album, Standing in the Way of Control. With their new drummer, Hannah Billie, The Gossip have a very different sound, a rhythm that makes their sound even more soul and funk-based than in the past. The instruments are still minimimalist, but who knew that guitarist/bassist Nathanie/Brace could bring the funk so well? Vocalist Beth Ditto has always sounded like a punked-out Aretha or Bessie Smith, but now the southern grits and collard greens are even more in evidence. (Beth and Nathaniel are originally from Searcy, Arkansas.) In the vid, Nathaniel plays the bass in his bedroom, looking like a bored teen. Drummer Hannah pounds the cowbell. Beth looks rather grandmotherly, most of the time, sitting and knitting. And then, acting on her pro-fat stance, she pushes pizza. Meanwhile, teen punkettes get up and dance to the music. Riot grrrl lives! -- despite the untimely retirement of Sleater-Kinney.

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