Sunday, January 13, 2013

sins of style: kufiya no good because Justin Bieber wears one?

 I found this by doing a search for "keffiyeh" on Pinterest. I found a lot of excellent stuff which I will post in future. At first I thought this kufiya statement might be kinda racist but it turns out all the models for the 25 "sins of style," a website based in the UK, are people of colors. I guess you could read this statement as: if Bieber wears one, people of color shouldn't.

What I want to know is, where is the photo of Bieber in a kufiya?

My position on this blog has always been, why let a fact that Bieber is wearing one (if he is) bother you?

And if this model were wearing a kufiya over a black leather jacket instead of a t-shirt (bleh!), wouldn't it look way cooler?

And couldn't we also call this a Kurdish style scarf?

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Ragemanchoo said...

It has entered the mainstream, from whence it cannot be retrieved.