Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rap of the Syrian Revolution

First rate analysis by Nahrain Al-Mousawi of the only Syrian protest rap ("Communiqué No. 1") I know of that has appeared in the wake of the Arab Spring's spread to Syria. I suggest reading the entire article. Below I excerpt the lyrics that Nahrain translates:

The vid opens with the statement: “The revolution is faceless”

Statement [Communiqué[ No. 1
The Syrian people won’t be degraded
Statement No. 1
We won’t remain like this
Statement No. 1
From Houran* came the good news
Statement No. 1
The Syrian people are revolting …

You exterminated Hama as if it were nothing
Today our rights are in our hands and we will not forgive...

We live in silence/ It’s been years
how long do we have to stay like this—dead...

You sold the Golan for cheap
You sabotaged the cause and defiled it
History shows that no oppressor ever lasted
We will realize our dream of freedom even if it costs blood
The government is destined to fall
The king either flees or is buried

The vid ends with these lines from Syria's famous poet Nizar al-Qabbani:

How do we write with locks on our mouths
Marking each second for the butchers to arrive
I carried my poetry on my back and it has exhausted me
What will happen to the poetry when it collapses.

*Der'aa, where the revolt started, is in the Houran.

Now, watch the vid:

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The trend of teh world is towards democracy.