Friday, October 03, 2008

"The Taqwacores" -- the movie

Very exciting news: Michael Muhammad Knight's novel, The Taqwacores, is being turned into a movie, with Mike serving as co-producer and co-writer. Read about it here. They are just starting up, so keep going back to read the blog as production proceeds.

Mabrouk, ya Michael!


Si Pemimpi said...

Do you think we can show this movie here, Dr. Swedenburg? I'm actually also excited about this movie, to be honest. An interview in The National Post says that he's pretty much "naked", emotionally in this movie. His Islam is very intriguing for me, so intriguing that I think I have misunderstood a hundred times since I read his "Blue-Eyed Devil" for the first time.

Ted Swedenburg said...

We will try to get it, once it's available for viewing. I know M. Knight, so hopefully we could get him to show up as well.