Sunday, October 19, 2008

the fashion that refuses to die...

I can't escape it. In today's (Sunday) New York Times, in the Style section, there is the usual Bill Cunningham "On the Street" photos of street fashion, this one entitled "Color Guard." It features the colorful street style's of contemporary Paris. And damned if there isn't a guy wearing a kufiya in one of the shots.

Unfortunately, it's not posted online. You will need to consult your hard copy--until I can find an online version.

UPDATE, October 25. Here it is.

And, if you check out Cunningham's "On the Street" slide show that came out today, on the first blush of autumn fashion in NYC, you'll spot, yes, another kufiya. On a guy, toward the end of the slide show (28 seconds left). Here.

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Birdseed said...

One thing I've seen turn up a bit lately is a kind of "post-kuffiyah", a shawl worn in the same fashion but with a more properly fluokid motif. Like the one work by this swedish rapper.